Children’s Cancer Fund of America

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Children’s Cancer Fund of America is one of five Reynolds family charities that raises millions in the name of cancer, but spends most of that paying for-profit companies.

Rose Perkins runs the charity. She was married twice to James T. Reynolds Sr., the 70-year-old patriarch who transformed Cancer Fund of America, a struggling charity, into a $35 million empire that pays executive salaries to at least a dozen of his family members. In the past three years alone, Cancer Fund and its associated charities, including Children’s Cancer Fund, raised $110 million. The charities’ solicitors were paid more than $75 million.

Perkins, who had been vice president of Cancer Fund, started Children’s Cancer Fund of America in 2004. In addition to the cash raised through fundraisers, the charity received a $50,000 cash grant from Reynolds’ Cancer Fund in 2010.

Since it was formed, Children’s Cancer Fund has raised nearly $38 million and let professional fundraisers keep nearly 78 percent. The charity has given cash grants to patients of about $300,000 a year. It also reports shipping millions of dollars in donated medical supplies to developing nations each year through “gifts-in-kind” programs.

Perkins, now separated from Reynolds, said she hopes to wean Children’s Cancer Fund of America off fundraisers.

“We are only in our eighth year,” Perkins said.

In 2011, Perkins was paid $227,442. Her charity reported giving about $265,000 in cash to nearly 1,500 children that year. The grants averaged less than $200 each and represented less than 5 cents of every dollar raised.

Perkins said that in 2012, the charity started a new program, giving donated goods to needy children in the United States.

“We give away soap, lotions, backpacks, Disney DVDs and socks,” Perkins said. “When you don’t have a lot, it’s something.”