United Breast Cancer Foundation

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United Breast Cancer Foundation is governed by the Mastroianni family and has no independent board members. The charity was founded in 2000. Audrey S. Mastroianni serves as executive director. Her father and brother serve on the board.

The charity’s mission is to provide grants and assistance to patients and families coping with breast cancer. Beth Reichart, United Breast Cancer’s director of operations, said the charity has assisted more than 630 people through its hands-on programs and educated thousands more.

The charity has raised about $11.5 million over the past 10 years and spent more than half of that on professional fundraisers.

About 6 percent of the money raised has been spent on direct financial assistance to those in need.

On its website, the charity takes applications for grants to pay for breast reconstruction. It charges a $50 nonrefundable deposit to apply.

Reichart said the charity works diligently to get the best returns possible from its telemarketers.

“Unfortunately, to date there are no laws that protect nonprofit organizations and regulate fundraising firms to ensure a respectable percentage of funds raised be retained by the nonprofit organization,” she said. “This is a tragedy for many nonprofit organizations who struggle to fulfill their noble and worth-while missions. It would be wonderful if our government agencies championed on behalf of nonprofit organizations, ensuring greater fund retention.”

Reichart said that over the past four years, United Breast Cancer has cut its fundraising expense by 11 percent. Last year, the charity kept about half of the money raised.