Viridian Energy Service – Fundraising Program

Viridian Energy Service

Fundraising Program
The Viridian Fundraising Program offers an innovative way for local lodges to raise funds without over-burdening their members. The program is simple and is a true win-win situation enabling lodges to raise funds without ever asking for money.

By signing up as a fundraising entity under the Maryland State Lodge, you are able to help your members save money by switching their energy supplier to Viridian. As they do, you earn residual income for your lodge. From day one, your earning potential grows with every person you refer. All your members have to do is use greener more affordable electricity at their home or business. It’s that simple. You get to help your members make a better energy choice for themselves… they SAVE money all while helping you EARN money!

Should your lodge choose to become an associate service provider, you will receive money for every active meter referred to Viridian under your account. At the same time, the State Lodge will benefit as the primary referring associate for all local lodges. If your lodge decides not to take advantage of this fundraising opportunity, your members can still benefit from reduced energy bills by sigining up directly under the State Lodge.

Additional details are available at To set up a personal or lodge account, contact our Viridian associate, Lee Ostrowsky. Mr. Ostrowsky’s contact information is listed below for your convenience. As our Viridian initiative gets off the ground, we will update this page with contact information for specific local lodges.

Viridian Associate:   Lee Ostrowsky
Phone:   (732) 241-3222
Associate ID#   5973

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