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I am currently an employee at the Outreach Calling call center. The address is 4751 Route 42 South Turnersville NJ 08012. It is above the liquor store. Damian Muziani is the owner. As employees, we are told that the reason we only donate 1-15% of the proceeds we collect is because the rest is used to keep the building operational and everyone’s paycheck coming in each week. But if we only collect that much for charity, isn’t the organization itself kind of unnecessary? Yep. I am currently searching for another job, as I am quite fed up with getting paid to swindle money from people over the phone. If you are called, to the best of my knowledge the best thing to do would be to request to speak to a verifier, then request that you be removed from the list. If you tell that to a regular call rep (the person pitching the sale to you) the best we can do is hit “Not Interested” which will remove you from the list for that specific organization for about 6 months. You will still be called from the same number in the meantime, but you will be asked to donate for different organizations. I am not sure, but I believe hitting “Business/Fax” as opposed to not interested removes you from that specific list permanently, however we would probably get fired for doing that on purpose. Talking to a verifier should remove you from all lists permanently, but it depends if they actually do it. They are supposed to, and I have seen them do it before, but they try to avoid it as much as they can. As has been said here before, never donate through a third party. Always give to your preferred charity directly. I hope I have been of use.


Yeah, I know Damian Muziani, the owner of Outreach Calling Inc, but that address in Reno is just a virtual office. His real office is located in New Jersey. He is just running a front company for Community Support Inc based in WI and run by the first one on that list, Tom Berkenbush. But Damian Muziani is a failed actor. Yeah he got himself on the TV Show Average Joe and once he was even on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. He was horrible on both. Look him up on google and you can see both shows with him on it. But Damian Muziani use to run a company called Data Communications Inc doing the same thing, scamming little old ladies on fixed incomes out of their money for all sorts of fake charities.

Well I say Fake Charities, actually they are real charities but Damian Muziani keeps just about all the money. Last I knew he even drives a black Infiniti car and lives in a 2200 a month house in New Jersey. I can only assume that he changed the company name because he generated so much bad press and just like any scammer needed a fresh start. Damian Muzani’s new gaggle of fake charities are groups where he gets to keep 90% of the money his minimum wage employees get and that is how he pays for that fancy car and nice house.

You know, back in the old days if someone was going to rob you, at least they had the balls to do it to your face, Damian Muziani and Outreach Calling Inc just hires high school kids that don’t know any better to reach though the telephone and pick my pocket. I made the mistake of making a donation to this pack of thieves once and from then on I got dozens of calls a week. When I found out it was Damian Muziani’s company I was livid because I knew this guy. I never told him that I knew his conmen did it, I just distanced myself from him. I mean who wants to be friends with someone that would do that to you. I doubt he has any friends left at this point since he has probably done the same to all of them whether they knew it or not.


Here are some of his so called charity clients. If any of these people call you, chances are that Damian Muziani is taking 90% of the money to pay for his fancy car and house. This list of groups reads like a whos who of the worst charities in the Country. Most if not all have had a huge number of warnings put out by the Attorney Generals around the country and you can find all those articles simply by searching in google on their names. Its not a secret.

Cancer Fund of America, Inc.
Center For American Homeless Veterans, Inc.
Childhood Leukemia Foundation, Inc.
Committee for Missing Children, Inc., The
Defeat Diabetes Foundation, Inc.
Disabled Police And Sheriffs Foundation, Inc.
Disabled Police Officers Counseling Center, Inc.
Disabled Police Officers Of America, Inc.
Firefighters Support Foundation, Inc.
International Union of Police Associations, AFL-CIO
Law Enforcement Officers Relief Fund
National Vietnam Veterans Foundation, Inc.
Optimal Medical Foundation, Inc.
Reserve Police Officers Association
United Breast Cancer Research Society, Inc.
Veterans Assistance Foundation, Inc.
Woman To Woman Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.


These are associated telemarketers with solicitation licenses registered in the same states to raise funds for several similar charities. Their modus operandi consists of swirled frosting on a multilayered cake. The hazy intertwining of companies is their M.O. for surviving the governmental actions to stop their apparently fraudulent practices.

Calling Professionals, formerly known as the Fundrazor
Calling Professionals, also known as Outreach Calling
Calling Professionals, fka Community Support, Inc., fka All-Pro Telemarketing

Community Support, Inc.
Thomas Berkenbush
312 East Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 408
Milwaukee WI 53202
(414) 224-0224

Outreach Calling
Damian Muziani
200 S. Virginia Street
Reno NV 89501
(775) 332-9992

Calling Professionals (fka Fundrazor)
Mark Finkelstein
1201 N. Orange Street, Suite 770
Wilmington DE 19801
(302) 380-3436

Viridian Energy Service – Fundraising Program


Viridian Energy Service

Fundraising Program
The Viridian Fundraising Program offers an innovative way for local lodges to raise funds without over-burdening their members. The program is simple and is a true win-win situation enabling lodges to raise funds without ever asking for money.

By signing up as a fundraising entity under the Maryland State Lodge, you are able to help your members save money by switching their energy supplier to Viridian. As they do, you earn residual income for your lodge. From day one, your earning potential grows with every person you refer. All your members have to do is use greener more affordable electricity at their home or business. It’s that simple. You get to help your members make a better energy choice for themselves… they SAVE money all while helping you EARN money!

Should your lodge choose to become an associate service provider, you will receive money for every active meter referred to Viridian under your account. At the same time, the State Lodge will benefit as the primary referring associate for all local lodges. If your lodge decides not to take advantage of this fundraising opportunity, your members can still benefit from reduced energy bills by sigining up directly under the State Lodge.

Additional details are available at www.viridian.com/mdfop. To set up a personal or lodge account, contact our Viridian associate, Lee Ostrowsky. Mr. Ostrowsky’s contact information is listed below for your convenience. As our Viridian initiative gets off the ground, we will update this page with contact information for specific local lodges.

Viridian Associate:   Lee Ostrowsky
Phone:   (732) 241-3222
E-Mail   leeo20@verizon.net
Associate ID#   5973